White-Rodgers Homeowner Warranty

White-Rodgers Homeowner Warranty

White-Rodgers Aftermarket Warranty Policy for Consumers or Homeowners (excluding air cleaners)

While our warranty does not extend to you, your contractor or dealer who purchased from a wholesaler (“Buyer”) is protected by a 12 month product warranty from White-Rodgers, Business of Emerson Electric Co. Goods sold hereunder (“Goods”) are subject to other terms and conditions by and between any entity or person purchasing Goods from Seller.

White-Rodgers Residential Electronic Air Cleaners Warranty Policy for Consumers or Homeowners (SST, TTW and ACR Series)

White-Rodgers Residential Electronic Air Cleaners are warranted to the consumer for use within the USA and Canada against defects in material and workmanship for 60 months from the date of installation. We will replace any defective parts of this product but this warranty does not cover the cost of labor, shipping or any other expenses of replacing defective parts or servicing the unit. The furnishing of replacement parts under the terms of this warranty will not extend the warranty period.

If service is required, it must be performed by the dealer from which you purchased this product (preferred), by a competent heating and/or air conditioning contractor, or by an Authorized White-Rodgers Service Center. If the installing dealer or contractor fails to render performance under the terms of this Limited Warranty within a reasonable time, then contact in writing by mail or fax to:

Attn: Customer Service Manager
8100 West Florissant Avenue
P.O. Box 36922
St. Louis, MO 63136
Fax: (314) 553-3707

In your letter, please supply the serial number, proof of the installation date, the name of installing dealer/contractor, the model number or the unit involved and the manufacturing date code. You may be asked to return the air cleaner or part(s) claimed to be defective to White-Rodgers or the nearest Authorized White-Rodgers Service Center, at your own expense. For the remainder of the Limited Warranty, please refer to the Warranty document enclosed with your air cleaner unit.