(June 27, 2013)

Service available in a limited area. Please visit to learn more.

The ComfortGuard™ mobile application provides a worry free solution to protect home comfort. Setup and manage your account and establish connectivity to your home WiFi network. Access data, alerts and details about your heating and cooling equipment which is monitored by ComfortGuard.

ComfortGuard is an innovative monitoring technology that includes the installation of ten custom sensors into your heating and cooling equipment. A central device gathers and transmits data for analysis, 24 hours a day. ComfortGuard monitoring service currently generates over 40 alerts for common problems such as efficiency loss and equipment deterioration. Some breakdowns can be predicted days in advance, allowing preventative maintenance that extends equipment life and can save money.

With ComfortGuard’s mobile application, you can:

  • Easily set up and activate your ComfortGuard account
  • Connect ComfortGuard to your WiFi network using the WiFi Setup tool
  • View current system status regarding equipment, efficiency and connectivity
  • Access each system associated with your account, if multiple systems exist
  • View data regarding air temperature, electrical current and thermostat runs
  • Directly contact your preferred HVAC service provider/contractor
  • Receive and access timely alerts about equipment, efficiency and connectivity
  • View alert response recommendations made by ComfortGuard
  • View current outdoor air temperature
  • Contact the ComfortGuard support team and view FAQs about your ComfortGuard service

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