Combined asset tracking and genset monitoring

  • Immediate alarm information from genset
  • Elimination of cargo losses caused by genset problems
  • Notification of fuel theft and engine unplanned stop
  • Immediate access to genset data and position info through web server

The ComPosIT is a communication module which allows for GPS tracking as well as communication of genset key parameters, connected to the ComPosIT module’s external inputs. The ComPosIT will measure fuel level, on/off contact switch status and engine oil pressure.

The ComposIT will forward messages including position, and engine status with regular intervals and/or immediately when programmable events such as  alarms or ON/OFF events occur.  Users have access to an Internet based webserver, where the operator through password protected access can se present as well as historic data and events from the ComPosIT communication modules.

The ComPosIT further offers a seriel connection to the Thermo King SG+ genset controller, enabling genset controller alarms and fuel monitoring to be communicated to web server.

The ComposIT features a special low power consumption mode, so Genset can be tracked even at off power.



  • Gen sets
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Extended support for Thermo King SG+ Genset controller