Your family speaks Spanish. Shouldn't your thermostat speak Spanish too?

If you're like many Hispanic Americans, you move easily and fluidly between English and Spanish at work and out in public, but at home your language of choice is Spanish. Emerson is proud to introduce the first home thermostat in Spanish (in programmable and non-programmable formats). Now finally there's a thermostat that truly meets your family's needs.

Savings. Did you know that by using a programmable thermostat the average annual energy cost savings for homes in the U.S. can be $250-300/year? You can save money and fine tune your homes temperature for maximum comfort, without the worry or unfamiliarity of English language thermostats. Want to see how much you can save in your area? Click here.

Easy to Use. Blue Selecto is easy to use, easy to program, and it comes with a large 4 square inch display that has bold, easy to read characters for easy navigation, and an enhanced user experience. And why blue? Because research shows that the color blue makes us feel calmer, more productive, and more relaxed. And Blue Selecto comes with a 5 year warranty and a Spanish speaking homeowner help line (877-978-7828).

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