Emerson Communicating System Components

Emerson Communicating System Components


Emerson’s communicating system is an integrated network of communicating technologies that enables you to sell improved comfort and energy savings in high-end systems. The components are designed to work together to create a synergy that increases system capabilities.

System capabilities

The Emerson Communicating System shares information system-wide through the ClimateTalk™ open communications protocol for better efficiency, comfort and reliability. Systems equipped with Emerson Communicating System…

  • Autoconfigure and check system settings during installation, eliminating manual dip-switch settings on indoor blower motors
  • Verify settings in minutes
  • Require no additional wires (4-wire communicating or 24-V control)
  • Provide diagnostics and Active Protection to prevent system damage
  • Have a memory module available

These unique features help ensure that systems are set up correctly the first time, allowing your technicians to install and service HVAC systems with confidence.


Complete Emerson Communicating System



Communicating Thermostats

  • Share information system wide
  • Offer intuitive touch screen format (Big Blue™ Thermostat)
  • Feature high-definition graphics with sleek design (Blue2™ Thermostat)
  • Display Call for Service when system faults are detected
  • Complement any home decor, with selectable color schemes

Indoor Controls

  • Shares information system wide
  • Automatic control of furnace or air handler systems
  • Autoconfigures system parameters – no need to set dip switches
  • Feature ignition-control technology with 1-, 2- and 4-www.fixed-capacity or modulating systems
  • Gas Valves with 1-, 2- and 4-www.fixed-capacity systems

Outdoor Controls

  • Shares information system wide
  • Automatic control of air conditioning or heat pump systems
  • Built-in Comfort Alert™ diagnostics with active compressor protection
  • Onboard compressor relay
  • Integrated demand defrost

Variable-speed blower motor

  • Automatically matches settings to system, via ClimateTalk™ open communications protocol
  • Provides constant airflow, for optimum comfort and minimal noise
  • Verifies airflow and detects system errors (clogged filter, frozen coil, blocked ducts, etc.)
  • Features 4-wire design

Copeland Scroll UltraTech™ compressor

  • Delivers superior comfort and efficiency, through 2-www.capacity
  • Improves temperature and humidity control by over 50%
  • R-410A-ready models available from 2–6 HP