KMC FlexStat™ Controller

KMC FlexStat™ Controller 

Emerson Climate Technologies has approved the use of the KMC FlexStat™ controller with Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressors. The FlexStat controller, compatible with 3-15 ton Copeland Scroll Digital compressors, is a networkable thermostat and controller that enables variable capacity modulation, dehumidification, and improved system performance. 

The FlexStat controller may be applied in most single or multi-stage direct expansion, applications including roof-top or split commercial & residential applications, heat pumps, chiller, or commercial refrigeration applications. 

In single compressor applications, the FlexStat controller varies the capacity of the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor over 10–100% of the rated capacity. Below 10% cooling demand, the controller automatically cycles the compressor ON and OFF to meet low levels of demand.  In multiple compressor (tandem) applications, the controller manages the variable capacity Copeland Scroll Digital compressor as the 1st stage of cooling, effectively providing 5–100% variable capacity control over the full range of cooling demand. All required safeties to properly load and unload the Copeland Scroll Digital compressor are embedded in the firmware of the device, negating the need for any external, safety-type devices.


  • Easy to configure
  • Consolidated temperature sensing and control
  • Humidity & occupancy sensing
  • Dehumidification
  • LCD Display
  • Library of configurable control sequences
  • Password protection
  • Built-in scheduling

“Emerson Climate Technologies is pleased to have collaborated with KMC Controls to develop this system for use with our Copeland Scroll Digital compressor technology. KMC has developed a true ‘closed loop’ control system for most unitary applications that accurately varies the compressor capacity in response to dynamic system requirements in temperature and humidity.”

Bart Powelson, Director for Commercial A/C,
Air Conditioning Business of Emerson Climate Technologies

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  2. Contact Emerson Climate Technologies for aftermarket or retrofit opportunities and more information on the Emerson Commercial Comfort Controller.