Comfort Alert™ Diagnostics

Comfort Alert™ Diagnostics

Comfort Alert™ diagnostics is a breakthrough innovation to help contractors troubleshoot heat pump and air-conditioning system failures. Field results prove that Comfort Alert diagnostics is improving accuracy and speed of service, which means reduced callbacks and more satisfied customers. That's the kind of performance that won Comfort Alert diagnostics three of the industry's leading awards.

The result? In an independent survey, over 86% of contractors felt that Comfort Alert diagnostics could help them differentiate deluxe versus standard equipment.

Commercial Applications
Residential Applications

Faster Service and Improved Accuracy
Did you know that one-third of replaced compressors actually have nothing wrong with them? Improved diagnostics accuracy can save you and your customers significant time and money. Not to mention reduced callbacks and faster customer service. By monitoring and analyzing data from Copeland Scroll™ compressors and thermostat demand, Comfort Alert is proven to accurately detect the causes of electrical and system-related failures.

Problem Solved
When using Comfort Alert, technicians significantly improve their diagnostic accuracy.   A recent case study showed that this increase in diagnostic accuracy can decrease the average length of service calls by up to 20 minutes, saving customers and homeowners valuable time and money.