Comfort Encoded™ Solutions

Comfort Encoded™ Solutions

  Comfort Encoded™ Solutions feature digital communications that enable simplified installation and set up, and advance system control for enhanced performance and overall comfort. Utilizing the ClimateTalk™ open communications standards, these solutions enable OEMs to differentiate their product offerings by customizing systems to deliver new and greater levels of control, protection and connectivity 



Comfort Encoded™ Solutions are scalable to system requirements and take the complexity out of today’s new systems configurations. Now you can arm your contractors with simple, flexible control across all market segments.

Provides the ultimate balance of comfort and efficiency for systems in the 13-14 SEER, single stage product range.

  • Simplify wiring and set up of heat pump, natural gas furnace or dual fuel systems.
  • Control balance point, defrost cycling and adjust system settings on the thermostat instead of in a dip switch bank.

Simplify advanced staging control of two-stage compression systems with variable speed blowers.

  • 16 SEER, two-stage systems provide a more efficient model for the hi-end market.
  • Provides a menu of options to enable further differentiation, as well as advanced staging control, fault management, user menu options and model specific features through unique programming capabilities.

Comfort Encoded manages even the most complex, fully automated system control in the same plug-and-play operation and set-up as the mid-tier line.

  • Variable speed systems provide optimized comfort and humidity control as well as warmer air in Heat Pump applications.
  • Critical information like airflow, demand, system pressure and EXV position are shared system-wide to optimize performance.

With proactive system monitoring, homeowners enjoy peace-of-mind, while contractors benefit from faster troubleshooting and more accurate diagnostics.

  • Integrated CoreSense diagnostics protects the compressor from operating under damaging conditions and streamlines troubleshooting of the most common compressor faults.


  • Differentiate high-end solutions with advance fault management around motor and airflow diagnostics, charge verification and system efficiency.


  • Features an information-rich environment for the ultimate portfolio of performance measurement and diagnostic capabilities.

Simplified, four-wire install of any system means contractors can focus on up-selling comfort and efficiency without the worries of callbacks or the expense of advanced training.

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Whether it’s a mid-tier, hi-end or premium system, the Comfort Encoded solution uses the same plug-and-play connection of thermostats, indoor and outdoor units, as well as other ClimateTalk™ enabled zone controls and water heaters


Comfort Encoded™ Solutions suite of products include:


  • Communicating thermostats, including Emerson Hi-Def and Blue Touchscreen models

Outdoor Unit

  • Communicating unitary controls for single, two stage and variable speed compressors
  • Copeland Scroll variable speed compressor
  • Electronic Expansion Valves (EXV)

Indoor Unit

  • Communicating furnace and air handler controls for snigle stage, ulti-stage or modulating equipment with variable speed blower motor
  • Communicating stepper valve for accuracy and range of control

To learn more about Emerson products that feature Comfort Encoded communicating solutions, contact your local sales representative.