Smart Energy Thermostat

Smart Energy Thermostat (EE542-1Z)

About the Thermostat

Optimize your demand side management investment with Emerson’s new Smart Energy Thermostat. By integrating robust in-home-display capabilities into one of the easiest to use thermostats on the market, you can now achieve both your demand response and energy efficiency goals with a single device. And with temperature control accuracy of +/- one degree, the Smart Energy Thermostat will keep your customers comfortable while providing predictable demand response results.

Upgradeable. Interoperable. Flexible.

Both the radio and the product firmware can be wirelessly upgraded to adapt as technology and market requirements continue to evolve. The built in scalability allows the product to remain a fixture in the home and keeps the consumer engaged. The thermostat has been proven to work with almost every major AMI vendor and numerous demand side management software vendors.

The design allows it to work with almost any HVAC system and its large, high-resolution dot-matrix display provides rich data presentment capabilities. Your customers can see charts and graphical displays of usage rather than be limited to text-ready numbers.



Smart Energy Thermostat

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