Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Refrigeration Unit

Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Refrigeration Unit

X-Line outdoor condensing unit The Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Refrigeration Unit (XJ Series) for commercial refrigeration offers the highest energy efficiency available in a standard unit to lower utility bills for operators. Ranging in size from 1.5–6 HP, the XJ units are perfectly suited for walk-in cooler and freezer applications.
The XJ Series combines the latest Copeland Scroll compressor technology, variable speed fan motor control, large condenser coils, and a high efficiency fan blade design to deliver up to 40% higher annual energy efficiency when compared to standard industry offerings. Customers can typically expect an upgrade payback of less than one year based on energy savings alone. See the new X-Line Energy Savings Calculator, formerly called the XJ Annual Energy Savings Calculator, now  to estimate your savings today! 
Standard CoreSense™ Diagnostics provide field technicians key information to quickly and accurately troubleshoot system issues, lowering maintenance costs and avoiding nuisance service calls, while offering built-in compressor protection to help extend equipment life.
The XJ unit’s slim profile, light weight, wall mount capability, and ultra-quiet design features can also offer customers added benefits like: crane rental savings, flexible location options, ease of installation and service savings, compliance with noise ordinances, plus a more attractive and quieter atmosphere for customers and neighbors.
Outdoor Condensing Unit Video Testimonial Hear what end-users have to say about this product
A short end-users video testimonials
Outdoor Condensing Unit Installation Video How to Install Copeland Scroll™ Outdoor Refrigeration Unit
This step-by-step instruction video guides you to safely and effectively install the Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit
Outdoor Condensing Unit Diagnostics Video Diagnostics and Troubleshooting for the Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit
This Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit diagnostics video highlights setup for the diagnostics, as well as additional troubleshooting information
Quantifiable Business Results
Outdoor Condensing Unit-2011ECT-129
Quantifiable Business Result
Craft brewer uses quiet refrigeration system for walk-in beer coolers
Outdoor Condensing Unit-2011ECT-114
Quantifiable Business Result
Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken reduces energy costs
Outdoor Condensing Unit-2012ECT-7
Quantifiable Business Result
United Dairy Farmers reduces  energy  costs
Outdoor Condensing Unit-2011DS-53
Quantifiable Business Result
Manhattan Restaurant upgrades to compact, quite walk-in solution
Outdoor Condensing Unit-2011ECT-44
Quantifiable Business Result
Restaurant upgrade to high efficiency walk-in refrigeration solution
Outdoor Condensing Unit-2009ECT-121
Quantifiable Business Result
Convenience store improves energy efficiency
with Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit
Product Information

X-Line Outdoor Condensing Units
The Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit (X-Line Series) for commercial refrigeration applications offers c-store operators the greatest energy efficiency, performance and flexibility available in a standard condensing unit.

Outdoor Condensing Unit

Overview presentation
Learn how you can save energy on your walk-in
and freezer applications with the Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit

Outdoor Condensing Unit for Commercial Refrigeration Brochure

Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit for Commercial Refrigeration

Outdoor Condensing Unit Brochure

The Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit product brochure provides detailed information on the features, advantages and benefits of this unit that will help you impact your bottom line

Technical Information
Outdoor Condensing Unit Installation Manual Installation and Reference Manual
Complete information and details of the installation of Copeland Scroll Outdoor Condensing Unit



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