Since 1947, Therm-O-Disc has been a global leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of temperature sensors and controls. Today, we are delivering a broad range of sensing capabilities and solutions by understanding customer challenges and leveraging our sensing technology expertise. As a result, we are creating unique value for customers in the HVACR, transportation, consumer products, Oil & Gas, and Power & Environment industries.

We offer sensing innovations in areas such as:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Wireless Enablement

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The 36T auto reset bimetal disc control from Therm-O-Disc offers proven reliability in a compact, versatile, cost-effective design. The snap action of the bimetal disc provides high-speed contact separation resulting in excellent life cycle characteristics at electrical loads up to 15 amps at 120VAC and 16 amps at 250VAC. A wide variety of terminal and mounting configurations are available for maximum design flexibility. The 36T carries global agency recognition and is widely applied in the heating/air conditioning and major appliance industries. Learn more about bimetal disc controls and limits.